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The Three Critical Tax Deductions That Property Investors Should Know

Property investments are easily one of the most lucrative opportunities for professionals, but they also come with a number of taxes. However, the Australian Tax Office details several tax deductions on investment properties – from depreciation for residential rental property to loan interest on an investment property. Most of these details are overlooked by casual […]

How to Claim Airbnb Tax Deductions on your Rental Property

Airbnb has emerged as a great option for property owners to convert their vacant properties into a source of income. However, the tax laws around Airbnb are murky, to say the least. Most people are confused about what is taxable, and even more about calculating depreciation on rental property. Here is an attempt to clarify […]

All you should know about Tax Depreciation Schedules

ATO Tax depreciation schedule can be termed as one of the most important tools for property investors in Australia. It helps in maximizing their return to a great extent. But, many people have yet to realize the umpteen advantages of ordering a tax depreciation schedule. It is worth noting that landlords will be able to […]

5 Most Common Depreciation Questions about Investment Properties

There are distinct advantages as well as disadvantages when you invest in a property. As a property investor, you have counted in all the deductions before, as this might lower your taxable income and make owning an investment property more viable. While you might be familiar with some of the basics, you may not be […]

A Brief Comparison of Prime Cost with Diminishing Value Depreciation Method

When you have bought a mint new property, you can take the benefit of tax depreciation using two depreciation methods. You may prepare your depreciation reports using these two methods namely prime cost or diminishing value. However, you must weigh all the factors prior to using these two depreciation methods. The prime cost depreciation method […]