Online Depreciation Report

What is a Depreciation Report or Schedule?

In Australia, an online depreciation report is a schedule that shows what you can claim back in depreciation tax at the end of a tax year. Included in the report is the following:

  • A method statement - this gives specific instructions on how a property is built
  • The schedule of diminishing value method of depreciation
  • Schedule of prime cost method of depreciation
  • Schedule of pooled items for the property (pooled items are put into two categories these are Low Cost Pool - items under $1000 and Low Value Pool assets that began at a value of over $1000 dollars that have depreciated over time to under $1000)
  • Allowances available for the property according to ITTA 1997 document division 43
  • Covers the lifetime of the property - the ATO allows this to be 40 years
  • Be able to recoup up to 2 years tax that has been missed out on

What can I use the Depreciation Report for?

You can use the depreciation Schedule to determine your deductible amount to add to your tax return each year on your investment property - which will save you time and money. The report can also be used to work out previous years missed tax which by law is up to 2 years back dated.

Where can I get my Depreciation Report?

Most accountants offer this as a service, and there are a number of sites that will let you download a number of forms to fill out and return. However, if you want your report in 48 hours, you can create it online here! Click here now, and you can have your complete Depreciation Schedule ready in minutes, and available for you to download straight away!

What do I need to do to get my Depreciation Report?

Click here now, and enter your property's details. Once you have finished filling out our online form, you can create an account and discover just how much you can save in the first three years! You can also purchase a full, comprehensive, ATO-Compliant Depreciation Schedule from the low price of $250! Once you have bought your comprehensive Depreciation Schedule, it will be checked and endorsed by a Qualified Professional Quantity Surveryor and emailed to you within 48-72 hours of submission.

Lifetime Report:  $250 + GST


  • At least $1200 back in your first full year or your money back!

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