The Ideal Time When You Should Purchase a Tax Depreciation Schedule

For your current year tax returns, it is essential to keep a track of deadlines fixed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). You are supposed to lodge your tax returns before the specified date. Any lodgments done after the specific date may invite ‘failure to lodge’ penalty. This will remain applicable for people lodging their tax returns on their own. As a rule, investors desiring to claim depreciation as tax deduction need to prepare their depreciation schedule before October 31st. The Deppro Depreciation professionals have emerged as a market leader in offering quick turnaround for tax depreciation schedules. They are able to execute this task anywhere between 3 to 10 business days.

The Right Time to Buy Tax Depreciation Schedules

The correct time to make a purchase of a tax depreciation schedule will begin instantly after you settle on the property. It will help in ensuring that you are prepared in advance for tax time. It will also ensure that you have all your vital documents ready for the accountant. When you purchase tax depreciation schedules at the correct time, you can enjoy the tax benefits available for you. You can always refer to ATO depreciation rates in case of any confusion.

What Happens if You Do Not Purchase a Tax Depreciation Schedule at the Right Time?

There may be scenarios for reasons unknown when you fail to purchase the tax depreciation schedule at the right time. It may have its own consequences. So, what exactly will happen if you missed buying your tax depreciation schedule at the correct time? There will be possibilities that you may miss a huge portion of your tax deductions. If you recently bought old properties, it will remain eligible for tax deductions. You must also seek the advice of a quantity surveyor to find out the availability of any tax deductions. The appealing thing about the fee is that it is 100 percent tax-deductible. You must buy the report before the end of the financial year that is the 30th of June.

How a Timely Purchase Will Benefit You?

When you purchase the tax depreciation schedule at the right time, it will let the quantity surveyor complete the site inspection. The quantity surveyor can execute an inspection of the site in an effective way as they gain access to the vacant site. They will get smooth access while executing the survey. Unoccupied properties let the quantity surveyor carry out inspections and exit from the property in a shorter span of time. They will be able to offer the tax depreciation schedule to property investors. They will also use the investment property calculator during this process.

What is the Consequence of Not Buying Your Depreciation Report?

What happens when you fail to buy your depreciation report in the same financial year when you leased the property out? In such a situation, you should amend your tax return for the previous 2 to 4 years. 2 years period is for individuals while 4 years period is for companies. When you bought your property much later than two to four years limit, you may escalate your objection to the tax office to give you more depreciation.


It is essential to buy the tax depreciation schedule at the correct time.  Many posed the question that why is it necessary to buy a tax depreciation schedule when you just settled on a property. For such scenarios when the end of the financial year is approaching fast. It helps the quantity surveyor find out that you did not miss any of your claims. It is interesting to note that a small tenure of barely 11 days will get you a total depreciation of $2,633.

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